Live Aboard Scuba Diving Itinerary – Pemba for 5 Days!

Zanzibar Yacht Charter will prepare your very own tailor-made Live Aboard SCUBA Diving Itinerary to Pemba Island. Check out our Sample 5 Day Live Aboard Scuba Diving Itinerary below to get an idea of the places we visit and dive.

Live Aboard SCUBA Diving departing from Nungwi for Njao Gap, Pemba Island


Day 1 – Depart for Pemba, Njao Gap

  • Our guests will be met on the beach here in Nungwi where we will board the yacht. Our suggestion would be to board the yacht in the early evening at say 17h00 – 18h00.
  • After a welcome cocktail and skippers briefing, guests can get busy exploring their cabins and the yacht.
  • After dinner, the captain and crew will slip the mooring and depart for Njao Gap in Pemba Island, approx an 8hr sail through the night.
  • Our plan would be to arrive in Pemba early morning for the first dive in Njao Gap – South Wall.
  • After breakfast we will plan 2nd dive which will be the Outside Wall at Njao Gap (South).
  • After your 2nd dive we will depart for Fundu Gap for late afternoon snorkel, swim and R & R. Here we will anchor overnight.
  • Dive Sites: Njao Gap – North wall, Njao Gap – South Wall inside & South Wall outside.

Day 2 – Fundu Gap

  • Dives at Fundu Gap include South Wall Outside, South Wall into the gap, Manta Point and North Wall into the gap.
  • Our plan here would be to dive at least 2 of these dive sites before heading south for Uvinje Gap for a late afternoon arrival and anchor for dinner and overnight.

Day 3 – Uvinje Gap

  • Dive Sites Uvinje Gap: North wall, South wall, Kashani Island & Kokoto Island.
  • Our plan here is to do an early morning dive before or after breakfast, depending on our guests… before heading further south for Mesali Island for a late afternoon dive (Coral Garden). Here too we will anchor for dinner and overnight.

Day 4 – Mesali Island

  • Our Dive Plan for day 4 would be to do 1 or 2 early morning dives here at Mesali Island so as to enable an early departure for the south of Pemba Island. Upon arrival here we will anchor at the stunning island of Ras Upembe for dinner/overnight.

Day 5 – Ras Upembe

  • After an early morning dive on Emerald Reef, we would plan to depart the south of Pemba Island for Zanzibar timeously so as to disembark our guests in Nungwi at around 18h00.


Please Note: This is a sample itinerary which can and will be flexible to our guests requirements wherever possible. Should guests decide to stay in one area they enjoy for longer, the itinerary will be adjusted to cater for their requirements. Currents/tides could play a factor in the timing of this itinerary and guests should be made aware that we will dive this plan according to the conditions on the day. Your safety of course being of paramount importance.


Live Aboard Scuba Diving